TASMINA was established in 1991. Eventually our responsibility and services developed according to our community need in USA as well as in Sri Lanka. The following were some programs we gradually established during the course of time.

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Socio-Economic Program:


1. Janaza Burial (Funeral)-

This is one of the initial projects started by TASMINA for single members and families who needed help in this nature. From time to time we had many Janaza (funeral) in our community lying in the mortuary without any families or any support from any one. Sometimes families that lost one male support would hurt the entire family. They have no money to support the Janza. Therefore, we created a system to support all our members and families who need financial help to take Janza at given time. We take charge of the Janaza, clear the body from the hospital and arrange all burial arrangements. We also provide an one time cash assistance to the family depending on their need.


2. Assistance to families in need:

When families need help on an emergency situation, TASMINA takes care of their need to run the family. We provided $2,500 to a family when they met a motor accident and the husband died instantly. This fund helped them support their family at the time of urgent need.


3. Social Gatherings:

TASMINA laid it’s foundation with social gatherings. Basically we celebrate two religious holidays namely Eid-Ul-Fitr (Ramadhan Festival) and Eid-Ul- Adha (Haj Festival) on an annual basis. Families and friends come together on this day to celebrate the festival and it gives a religious and cultural impact on our members to feel the togetherness.


4. Sports:

TASMINA conducts annual sports tournament among youths to compete in different sports activities. Families also take part in this event as a social function.


5. Family Day:

Family day is another annual program where all the families get together and have their programs. Some scholars attend for this event especially medical doctors to enlighten their issues.



1. Publishing News Letter and Free Distribution of Religious Literature:

TASMINA publishes a newsletter from time to time to circulate among members to inform any current and past events. This contains different contents for children, youths, and families. TASMINA also distributes free copies of Quran translation and religious literature.


2. Youth Programs:

TASMINA encourages our youth to be more discipline and more acquainted with religious knowledge. We conduct annual essay, speech and Quran recitation competitions among children. This encourages our children to be part of our culture.


3. Religious Education:

From time to time we arrange special religious lectures by well known scholars. We invite scholars from Sri Lanka during the month of Ramadhan.