Scholarship Application for 2018 in Sri Lanka

TASMINA accepts applications from qualified undergraduates who are currently studying in any university in Sri Lanka. You may apply  by downloading our application and mailing it to our address. The application process takes place on an annual basis with an interview in Sri Lanka. If selected, applicants will receive monthly payments posted to their accounts. All applications will be treated equally and fairly according to criteria made by the scholarship committee.

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Scholarship Application for 2018 in USA

TASMINA accepts applications from members of TASMINA who reside in USA, attending full-time college/ university. Applicants may download the application and mail it to our address. Anyone who intends to receive this one time payment of $ 500.00 will appear for an interview in person to determine his/ her award. All applications will be treated equally and fairly according to our scholarship sub-committee’s stipulations.

Application Mailing Address.

Tasmina Scholarship.
213 Woodbridge Avenue,

NJ 08904.

(201) 920 1163