The Tsunami project is undoubtedly a massive undertaking involving a relatively large amount of funds. With the help of Al-Mighty Allah we were able to complete and commission the project successfully in a very orderly and professional manner.

Having done an in-depth study using rigorous elimination processes we finally selected Kuchchaveli in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka to be our project site. The following proposed projects were completed with the help of TASMINA members.

Total cost $ 95,000

  • Housing Scheme -15 houses built
  • Community Development Project- Four 18 feet long fiber boats with 9.00 HP engines, large nets, and other equipment
  • Nursery School was built in Podawaikattu – Building was erected with a toilet and a well. Two teachers were recruited for 50 students. Free uniform was distributed.
  • Sewing Training Center to train young girls
  • Grocery Shops- Ten such shops were built with financial support to begin their business.
  • Boats and Nets were distributed to fishermen
  • Tools for Carpenters
  • Medical Supply


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